About me

Estupenda Jones, brought to life by Ann Margret, is a young lady sent by her father to withdraw a huge amount of money at the city bank, and ends up fooled by a cheeky banker. The movie is from 1979 and it´s called Cactus Jack. Fortunately, Estupenda counted with the priceless help of Guapo Forastero.
Two years earlier, in the middle of autumn 1977 in Madrid, another Estupenda Jones was born. Silvia Prieto, our Estupenda, as she is known both personally and professionally.

Köpa i Sverige med snabb leverans.

Halfway between Madrid and Ibiza, Estupenda started her Dramatic Arts career in Cuarta Pared, Literature in TAI school and, finally, studied to be a Stylist in Escuela de Arte 2 in Madrid. Self taught painter and music and arts enthusiast, she has developed a professional life in Stylism, working for fashion editors, art pieces, commercials, tv, shortfilms, music videos… She currently combines several projects with her work at the lifestyle and fashion magazine Ibiza Style.